Modern Day Black Mama’s need our Black Men!

The news of rapper Nipsey Hussle’s death is one that is heartbreaking and has flooded social media for the past few days. Even without knowing him as a rapper, many knew him for the work he has done in the community. Most recently, he was noted for the documentary he was making on Dr. Sebi. If you’re like me- you knew him through his partner, Lauren London. With his sudden and catastrophic death, another black woman is without her partner. Black children are without a father.

See, Modern Day Black Mamas come in many different forms. We have Married Modern Day Black Mamas who have another baby to nurture (their marriage ). Our men play a big part of our lives. I’m sure Lauren grew as a person being surrounded and loved by someone so deeply rooted in culture, finances and the advancement of our people. Now she has to live without the love of her life. Lost love is heartbreaking and to know that she lost him due to a senseless act of gun violence is gut wrenching. Another little black girl without her father to teach her that she deserves to be treated like a Queen. Another black Boy without his father to teach him to be a man.

I am saddened. I am speechless. I have no more words.

We MUST do better!

Sleep in Peace King

Keara L. Elam

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