Dip it low…pick it up slow!

Aht aht! I bet you started dancing lol

I am talking about a whole new world of dip that I discovered- Dip powder for my nails! While most of us heard of this method in the past few years (I have even gotten them done at a salon), the gag is- I am dipping myself at home! Yessss I have been doing my own nails and at this rate I will not be stepping foot back into anyone’s nail salon (well only for pedicures- let me not get ahead of myself here lol) Let me tell the whole story…

As of October/November 2019, I have been on a journey to become debt free. To do this, I had to take a hard look at my budget to see what I was spending and where I was spending. I had to be strategic and strict about sticking to a budget. Being on a budget does not mean being cheap, but planning where to spend your money. Of course I created a beauty budget which included my hair and nails. No, I do not feel bad about spending that money but when you are on a budget, you should take care of needs first or eliminate some things until you pay down some debt. For me, my beauty budget is a must (Judge ya mama- its part of my self care) Anyway, in the budgeting group I’m in, some people were doing their own nails at home to save money. I thought about it but quickly dismissed the idea that I could ever do my own nails. Then Covid-19 hit. No salons were open. I had no choice so I revisited the idea. Now, it wasn’t really to save money, but to give myself something to do at home.

Y’all I shocked myself. I am in love with doing my own nails at home. I mean it started off just OK, but as I am going and learning my nails are looking very professional. Yes I had to make the initial investment of buying the correct supplies and I may have bought a ton of colors thus far 🥴 lol but in the long run, I will save money since I will not be in the salon every two weeks! (I still do not trust it anyway with the way the Rona numbers are rising in Florida) Take a look below at my transformation of doing my own nails!

I have been using Revel nail dip powders. If you want to try it out, use my code to get 10% off!


First dip April 2020 Color: Lola

Color: Ballet

Color: Stormy

Color: Emily (This color is one of my favs 😍)

Bare with me collection includes colors: Posh, Havana, Ensemble and Flushed (I started getting fancy with multiple colors lol)

Girl Boss collection including colors: Defy, Hustler and Empire (This is my latest dip done June 30th!) This is hands down my favorite so far. I was dying for this limited release collection and really took my time! I am even getting better with shaping my nails!

Look at the comparison from April to June! Anyone can do this…imagine where I’ll be in a year!

Start dipping with me!! Again here is my code for you to receive 10% off!



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