I got that New New!

You know the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?!” In my case, it’s my own trash!

Well actually my items are not even trash! They are in good enough condition to keep and too new to get rid of, but I’m craving a different look! Since I’ve become a homeowner, I’ve also become quite handy! When I first moved in, I resurfaced a few items but have slowed down in my projects as life began to happen. I recently picked up the hobby again and am loving the new look and feel of my home! I love giving life to old items just by re-painting them or changing the decor!

This entry way shelf in my house was not even 4 years old. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, however the dark color was giving me the blues! I decided to change it to white! Look how much prettier it looks! With the warm colored wall, it definitely makes the piece pop more!

Old dark brown entry way shelf

Updated entryway shelf and decor

My latest and one of my biggest project to date, is my dining room table! Again, I’ve had this set for about 5 years. We eat at the kitchenette in the kitchen so this hardly gets any use! As I am changing the entire theme of my home, this dark table had to go! The ones that I’ve looked at were kind of pricey. I didn’t feel good about purchasing a new one since this one still had a lot of life left in it (and y’all know I’m on a budget 🤪) I actually love the table, just wanted a different look/color !

This was the look I was going for! I was so inspired by this beautiful set!

This is what the table looked like before!

This is my table now after I worked my magic!! Isn’t it lovely?! 🥰

Yesssss I turned this table from a chestnut brown to a beautiful metallic silver! I’m so proud of the way this turned out! This was a big project because it was the table AND the chairs and I had to be sure to get the same even color on all 5 pieces!

I still have to do the chairs which will be a challenge since I’ve never worked with vinyl before! I will be sure to share the final results after I cover the cushions with metallic silver vinyl! I know the project will look even better- I was just so excited to share this one!

Here are some other projects I’ve done

I really didn’t do much here lol just a simple white table I bought for $5 and turned it into my mini coffee bar ☕️

Ahhh I almost forgot about this one! When my son was about 2 years old, we went to a friends birthday party and they had the cutest personalized step stools in their bathroom! I immediately began to search for one and to my surprise, they were expensive! I found this stool at Goodwill, had leftover paint and letters and bought some stickers to make my baby a step stool!

Here I used a Rustoleum transformations kit to turn the vanity in my sons bathroom from a boring wood to a chestnut brown! The cabinets were brand new when we moved in so I didn’t want to completely get rid of them!

Y’all! Just call me #ModernDayDoItYourselfBlackMama…What can I craft for you today? 🤣🤣🤣

Also if you have worked with vinyl before, send some tips my way!

Keara L. Elam

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