Well read black girl…Books for Quarter 1 📚

Happy New Year readers! If you’ve been following me for the past two years, we have read some amazing titles on a monthly basis! This year I’m trying something new! I’ll be posting a few books I’ll be reading on a quarterly basis and will include some titles for kids. I will also be highlighting small business owners who have bookstores!

So let’s get into it!

This entire year (and beyond), I would like to read the Bible in entirety so you will see this book every quarter! Although I’m not completely sure how this will look, I do have a few options:

-Read a specific amount of chapters per quarter

-Write down scriptures used during church service and then going back and reading it in entirety

– Reading it in order i.e. Beginning with Genesis and continuing…

Have you every read the Bible fully? If so, share how you did it!

The next title I will be reading is “Becoming” by none other than Michelle Obama!

Also see the reading guide below and be sure to use it as you read!


What better than a new year to begin looking and focusing on our finances?! I will be reading The Black Woman Millionaire by Venus Opal Reese. This book also serves as a workbook so you can truly see where you stand with money!


As we have been discussing money more with my 5 year old, he’s jumping on the money train as well! With him, we will be reading ‘Can I have some money please?’ By Twyla Prindle


This first quarter, I am highlighting Mahogany Reads Children’s Book Store. I actually purchased the above kids corner book from them!

Mahogany Reads Children’s Bookstore sells books for young kids and their mothers. Their books are written by black authors and feature black characters. Their motto is “Educate, Empower, Inspire” and they strive to do this with the books they offer.

Be sure to stay connected by visiting the website http://www.mahoganyreads.com and following on social media!

I hope you decide to take this reading journey with me! Feel free to suggest titles and again if you’ve read the Bible entirely- please share your method!

Keara L. Elam


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