Journey to Motherhood ♥️

This past November, Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade shared pics of their beautiful baby girl, Kaavia James Union Wade- born via surrogate!

Now if you have been following Gabby- you know that she has struggled with infertility. In her book “We’re going to need more wine”, she shares how she’s had almost 10 miscarriages and her body has been owned by InVitro Fertilization (IVF) for at least three years! Gabby STILL did not get pregnant! Yes, as women we believe our bodies will do what God naturally made them to do- reproduce. But for some women like Gabby, God has another plan.

Many women congratulated the Unions like they were long lost friends! Strangers- like myself felt so happy for her! Even if it’s not a baby, when you have a goal and work hard to achieve it, it’s cause for a celebration! As they did receive some love, what was disheartening was the backlash and jokes they received via social media. After the birth, the Wades were clothed in hospital gowns participating in skin to skin contact with their baby.

In the USA, “Kangaroo Care” is the common term and this really means doing skin to skin contact between baby and mother (or father). The usual technical definition is “intra-hospital maternal-infant skin-to-skin contact” Retrieved from Babies need lots of skin to skin contact with their parents and the act has tons of benefits for both mom/dad and baby!

But for the ignorant, there were comments like:

“Why does she look like she just had a baby?

Ummmm she DID!

“Why is she in the hospital?”

Is that not where most babies are born?

“Why is she not dolled up?!”

Were you? I looked like shit after three days in labor. And so did my spouse and mom from being in the hospital for such a long time. I’m pretty sure they spent a decent amount of time in the hospital waiting for their baby to be born. Just as we weren’t, sis Gabby didn’t give a damn about fresh makeup and a laced weave!

Yup that’s me after giving birth- I was worn out!!

“Why is she doing skin to skin?”

🤦🏾‍♀️ Read above definition dummies

And let’s not forget- the baby was carried via surrogate but is in fact a baby made from Gabby’s egg and her husbands sperm. Y’all really think they won’t have a bond/connection? Go read a damn book!

As a woman, a black woman- I was mad. Something this woman has been trying to do for so long was met with disdain from ignorant, uneducated and heartless people. You see, everyone’s journey to motherhood is different. In fact, mine was (another blog for another time) but was I discredited or made out to be less than of a mom because of it? No- so why should she? Let’s embrace this woman and her family with love and welcome her to the baddest hood there is- MOTHERHOOD!

Congratulations Gabrielle Union/Dwayne Wade and family! Welcome to the world Kaavia James Union Wade ♥️

Also: The Union-Wades share their story on OWN with Oprah December 8 @ 8 pm. Be sure to tune in! I sure will be watching and cheering them on!

Keara L. Elam


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